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Roche Navify Tumour Board

Submitted By Jenkins User Shyam Thadichetti

Roche uses Jenkins to help design apps that enable more informed treatment decisions and improve patient care through near real-time access to data.

Organization: Roche, and  

Industry: Healthcare

Programming Language: Java, Python

Platform: Docker or Kubernetes, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Version Control System: Bitbucket Server 

Build Tool: Maven

Community Support: websites & blogs, Spoke with colleagues and peers

From common challenge to clear solution, Jenkins helped Roche standardize multidisciplinary team procedures.

Background: Many cancer care teams face challenges in preparing and conducting tumor boards. Without the support of a digital platform, tumor boards can be labor intensive and add additional administrative burden. Navigating among multiple systems, meeting participants can lose time and focus from achieving consensus on patient treatments. We were looking for a solution that would help us build and deploy, with infrastructure and testing  automation.

Goals: We were looking to build an application that augments relevant medical data into a 360° record to support treatment decisions. 

“Jenkins helps Roche help physicians collect all patient data in one place so that they can make informed decisions.”
Shyam Thadichetti, DevOps Engineer, Roche

Solution & Results:  Once collected, data is curated and hosted on an intuitive dashboard designed to promote collaboration during tumor boards. NAVIFY Tumor Board is now a cloud-based workflow product that securely integrates and displays relevant aggregated data into a single, holistic patient dashboard. 

Jenkins  – and various plugins like Build Pipeline, Cobertura, Email Extension, Performance, and NodeLabel Parameter – helped us facilitate and automate a system that now effectively provides:

  • the introduction of a patient case
  • input by each specialist using preselected images and reports
  • treatment discussion including results from other apps
  • review the latest treatment best practices and record patient pathways
  • document decisions in the patient record
  • send decisions to EMR

Our results include:

  • customer satisfaction 
  • more product usage
  • continuous feedback

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