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Note Taking App

Submitted By Jenkins User Thibaut Le Levier

When it was time to build a large CI platform to support rapid app development, the engineers at this software company turned to Jenkins.

Organization: Global note taking app solution, based in France.

Industry: Software Apps

Programming Language: C/C++Java, Swift Objective-C, C#

Platform: Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Version Control System: BitBucket Server

Build Tool: Ant, Gradle

Community Support: websites & blogs, networking at Jenkins event, and spoke with colleagues and peers

Building a large CI platform to support app development.

Background: This technology company offers a note-taking app that understands any handwritten content. It is deployed in hundreds of millions of touch screens globally; in mobile devices, vehicles, interactive whiteboards, etc. For that, this tech team needed a large continuous integration platform to support its large user base, multiple translations, and to accelerate feature releases at scale.

Goals:  Build a large CI platform to support note-taking applications and character recognition.

“Jenkins helps us to manage many nodes at a large scale.“
Thibaut Le Levier, CI Engineer

Solution & Results: To create our CI platform, we relied on several Jenkins instances, many build nodes, and top-of-the-line hardware. The Jenkins capabilities deployed included node managements, many plugins, and pipeline jobs.

Jenkins helps us to manage many nodes at a large scale. It also yielded great results, including:

  • quicker builds
  • better node management 
  • pipelines

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