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Automated Testing

Submitted By Jenkins User Gaurav Talreja

Moving from manual testing to automated testing provided faster executions, staged output, and improved test results.

Organization: Open source technologies for the enterprise

Industry: Software Testing

Programming Language: Python

Platform: Docker or Kubernetes, Linux

Version Control System: GitHub, GitLab

Build Tool:  Manual

Community Support:  Jenkins Users Google Group or IRC Chat, websites & blogs

Automating the testing process results in better results.

Background: The challenge for this project is basic: our testing was manual and slower than what was needed. We knew we had to make testing faster and automated. After researching Jenkins and getting to know the community, we conducted a test of Jenkins. 

Goals: Testing automation.

“Thank you so much, Jenkins community, for what you do. Kudos to you guys!”
Gaurav Talreja, Associate Quality Engineer

Solution & Results:  We used Jenkins to run a test suite in an automated fashion, with keeping Ansible and Kubernetes pods in the picture. Ansible runs a different phase of testing. For example, we tested the initialization git-clones and key-setup which included provisioning instances, preparation, testing, and then teardown. Kubernetes pods act as a Jenkins agent to run those tests. We were able to overcame this challenge with Jenkins. 

The pipeline feature and rich plugin sets — I used the Kubernetes plugin — makes this solution rock. Jenkins performance was faster in this use case. Overall, we were very pleased with our results, which included:

  • automated testing 
  • faster execution 
  • more accurate test results 
  • logs as artifacts 
  • staged output

Currently, we’re facing some challenges with the Kubernetes plugin in Jenkins, but will soon figure out a solution. Jenkins has accelerated my automated testing, with a collection of artifacts to understand the test execution

Thank you so much Jenkins Community for what your help and support. Kudos to you guys!

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