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Submitted By Jenkins User Scott Meyer

The sysadmin in higher education was seeking a less time-consuming solution to maintaining install packages year after year.

Organization: A community college in Iowa 

Industry:  Education Information Technology 

Programming Language: Batch, Powershell

Platform: Windows

Using Jenkins to help automate tasks with the SysAdmin environment.

Background: Making certain that the software packages we deploy on our systems remains stable is challenging. And downloading the software from 30+ projects is time consuming. I work in education, but anyone in any industry could have similar results. 

Goals: Keeping deployed software packages up to date.

“It gave me a framework to work out and stage my end goal, and made the process repeatable.”
Scott Meyer, Sr. Systems Analyst

Solution & Results:  I wrote a pipeline that will download the software installers from vendor websites and copy them out to our network for deployment. The biggest thing was being able to see if my deployment was successful without having to check or do it manually. Otherwise the results I saw were:

  • Less time maintaining the install packages semester to semester 
  • Everything was repeatable 
  • No manual tasks required

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