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Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Submitted By Jenkins User Akshit Singhal

A leading electric vehicle charging station needed to speed up its software deployment process. They skipped the manual effort and went directly to automation using Jenkins and a variety of plugins.

Industry:  Automotive 

Funding: American Electric Power, Chevron Technology Ventures, Clearvision, and Quantum Energy Partners

Programming Language: Java, Node.js, PHP, GO

Platform: Android, iOS, Embedded, Docker or Kubernetes, Linux, Windows

Version Control System: GitHub

Build Tool: Gradle, Maven

Community Support:  Jenkins Users Google Group or IRC Chat, websites & blogs

Bringing better EV charging stations to North America, Europe and Australia.

Background: Our process for deploying software has always been manual. Using Jenkins, we solved the problem of deployments by making weekly release cycles and code builds without any manual efforts.

Goals: Our goal was to provide the best electric vehicle charging experience to customers globally via a new form of charging station.

“Jenkins saved us a lot of time and also helped in providing a quality product. It’s like a god of automation. Thanks for giving us this awesome tool.”
Akshit Singhal, DevOps Engineer

Solution & Results: Now whenever we want to automate some stuff on the server, we use Jenkins. Our developers can just create a simple Jenkins job and specify all commands in the execute shell and they are all set to go. There is no need to enter into the server and do it manually. Since we release code every week, Jenkins has made this infinitely more possible by removing all manual efforts and saving employee hours. Using Jenkins, we can create new infrastructure automatically.

As for key capabilities, it feels limitless. The best thing about Jenkins is that you can think of any problem and Jenkins already has a  plugin ready for that. We use multiple Jenkins plugins like GIT, Mail Watcher, Maven, and many more.

The results are typical of many other Jenkins installations:

  • build code faster and without any manual efforts
  • saved employee hours so that they can contribute to other things 
  • automate the stuff needed to perform on servers 
  • improved product quality 
  • early tracking of bugs

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