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Submitted By Jenkins User Mustafa Azzam

Jenkins fuels the CI/CD of this leading Palestinian telecom.

Organization: Paltel, 

Industry:  Software

Programming Language: Java, PHP, Python

Platform: Docker or Kubernetes, Linux

Version Control System: Bitbucket Server, GitHub, GitLab

Build Tool: Maven

Community Support: websites & blogs

Jenkins automates software deployment processes
for a leading telecom company

Background: Palestine Telecommunications Company PLC (Paltel) is a Palestine-based communication company. At Paltel, we design and implement WiFi network infrastructure for customer networks via Fortinet AP and Fortigate. We also work with Cisco routers, Switches, and Mikrotik RouterBoard for other customer’s networks. We support all customers using fiber optic technology. To ensure an optimal process, we needed a robust CI/CD.

Goals:  Software deployment automation

“Jenkins makes deployment easier and faster, and helps us learn new things.”
Mustafa Azzam, System Engineer, Paltel

Solution & Results: We turned to Jenkins and GitHub Source Control Systems for our CI/CD tools. We leverage Jenkins for both our Voip plugins and Web Development.

With this, we have been able to:

  • earn more money
  • secure more clients
  • scale our workload

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