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Storage Build Automation (SBA)

Submitted By Jenkins User Julio Conchas

An IBM DevOps team looked to Jenkins to simplify and reduce time spent in the build process.  

Organization: IBM, 

Industry:  Cloud and Storage

Programming Language: Python

Platform: Linux

Version Control System: GitHub

Build Tool: Scripting

Community Support: websites & blogs

Jenkins & CI/CD keeping project information and code safe
while in a private dev environment.

Background: Before this solution, the DevOps team at IBM in Mexico had to build our packager manually. This took too much time: more than six hours for each face of the compilation process. Additionally, an expert developer must constantly monitor the process in case of a failure. We created a job for each build face in Jenkins and it simplified and saved us a lot of time in the build process, also helped us to detect some failures that we weren’t aware of.

Goals: Save developer time by creating a better CI/CD process.

“Jenkins makes our developer life easier with daily delivery, daily integration, daily improvement, and daily learning.”
Julio Conchas, DevOps, IBM

Solution & Results: Jenkins helped us to split our challenge into phases and separate jobs. We had jobs for new releases and daily builds for CI/CD.  This way, the developer can do a better job, and work faster. By creating a job for each build in Jenkins, the whole process was simplified. It saved us a lot of time in the build process. It also helped us to detect some failures that we weren’t aware of. 

As this is a project in a private environment, security plugins have been the most important capabilities we have used. It’s really important to keep our info and code safe. Results we saw from integrating Jenkins include:

  • build time is 200% faster 
  • improved product performance 
  • test cycles are 100% faster 
  • accelerated release delivery

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