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Brix Software: Auto Deployer

Submitted By Jenkins User Avishai Malka

Just under 4 years old, Brix is one of the fastest-growing mid-sized companies in Israel. Now their software development process is just as fast thanks to Jenkins.

Organization: Brix CRB, 

Industry:  FinTech 

Programming Language: C/C++, Groovy

Platform: Azure, Docker or Kubernetes, Linux, Octopus, Windows

Build Tool: Maven

Team: Amir Perez, DevOps Director; Nadav Perez & Yaakov Resnick, DevOps Engineers

Community Support: websites & blogs, Spoke with colleagues and peers

A Jerusalem-based FinTech software house automates builds
— with no mouse clicks.

Background: Jenkins was inside the firewall, and Azure was outside. We needed a tool to sample Azure every 2 minutes, check for code changes, and when found, start tracking the Azure pipeline, until completion. 

When completed, the next stages are to create a release in Octopus, create a deployment on dev, test it, and continue to QA, STG, and so on. Additional/optional stages: request approval through Slack / Jira run other Jenkins jobs with tests run by pull requests, and more.

“Jenkins allows me to code my way to the solution, with as little UI as possible! Thank God, and thanks Jenkins!”
Avishai Malka, DevOps Engineer, Brix CRB

Goals:  Connecting Jenkins to Azure pipelines and Octopus deploy

Solution & Results: We created a shared library, containing all the API calls we needed, in Octopus, Azure, Jira, Slack, and more. We added all the logic behind them, created a pipeline template as a Groovy method, and in that way, all the 30+ different products could use the same pipeline template, with a tiny Jenkins file that is only passing parameters, and calling the main template.

We are very happy with the results:

  • Automated build, with no mouse clicks 
  • We now have a rich shared library  for all of the company to utilize 
  • Bypass firewall issue 
  • Starting the CI/CD process

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