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Submitted By Jenkins User James Wasson

Designing a CI/CD pipeline that supports automated version control and team collaboration was made easier using Jenkins.

Organization: A US-based natural gas and crude oil infrastructure service company.  

Industry: Oil and Gas

Programming Language: Powershell

Platform: Windows

Version Control System: N/A  

Build Tool:  Azure DevOps

Community Support: websites & blogs

Turning developers into collaborators with automation and CI/CD.

Background:  This solutions architect set out to implement a smarter version control system across the technology team of this services-oriented oil and gas company. In doing so, it would be critical for the organization to embrace Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. He approached the challenge of educating the team about CI/CD but found it to be less challenging than anticipated due primarily to the integration of Jenkins solutions.

Goals:  Create internal functions for Office 365 products and internal integrations.

“Jenkins helped us visualize our steps and react to broken manual processes. We reduced our build times and release schedules!”
James Wasson, Client Solutions Architect

Solution & Results:  By implementing a new CI/CD solution, we now have builds and releases for every module. Multiple teams can contribute to modules and help one another. We have increased productivity and allowed for collaboration within departments. This process is helping us move away from silos.

Although we are still in the learning process, having a pipeline is the biggest win for us so far! Jenkins helped us visualize our steps and identify and respond to broken manual processes. We reduced our build times and release schedules! The results to date include:

  • reduced build times by 3x 
  • better code review and collaboration processes
  • faster release cadence

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