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Submitted By Jenkins User Amit Dar

The C4isr development project was conceived to support a multi-location, multilingual technology organization that needed a platform that would provide better visibility, flexibility, and stability for their software development initiatives.

Global Defense Technology Company

Organization: Global defense technology company

Industry:  Defense

Team: Alon Ma-Yafit, Software Architect and Amit Dar, DevOps Team Leader

Programming Language: C/C++Java, Node.js, C#

Platform: Embedded, Linux, Windows

Version Control System: GitLab

Build Tool: Maven, MSBuild

Community Support: Jenkins Users Google Group or IRC Chat, websites & blogs, Networking at Jenkins event

Providing visibility, flexibility, and stability for a global defense technology organization.

Background: This international organization supports the development of advanced defense and intelligence electronics, including sensors, radars, electronic warfare and communication systems. In order to support multiple development environments, numerous languages, and to be adaptable for varying levels of technical expertise across the organization, this DevOps team chose to upgrade their control system using Jenkins.

Goals: Enabling all stakeholders with improved project visibility and faster feedback.

“Jenkins helped us achieve our goal relatively fast and at no cost!”
Amit Dar, DevOps Team Leader

Solution & Results:  The use of Jenkins allowed us to uncouple a lot of the stuff embedded into our development infrastructure. In doing so, we were able to treat each as a unique subject in its entirety, i.e. ‘build scripts’. The key to our success was the ability to integrate it with ClearCase, an older version control system.

We migrated to Gitlab, which was a piece of cake since no changes were made to the process itself. The ongoing development of Jenkins plugins allowed us to integrate it easily into all of our internal systems. It also gave us support for bugs by providing visibility into issues once the integration was in progress.

Jenkins helped us achieve our goal relatively fast and at no cost! We achieved our primary goal to build unified visibility across the entire organization, plus we experienced other benefits, including:

  • user engagement 
  • manager engagement 
  • faster delivery 
  • project confidence

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