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Enabling microservices for a large telecom

Submitted By Jenkins User Amandep Singh

This India-based IT services organization stepped up to help a leading telecom company expand their Jenkins pipeline.


Organization: Information technology services and business process outsourcing company

Industry: Telecommunication

Programming Language: Java

Platform: Linux, Docker or Kubernetes

Version Control System: Bitbucket Server

Build Tool:  Maven

Community Support: websites & blogs, spoke with colleagues and peers

Building, testing, and deploying a Jenkins pipeline for a leading telecommunications company.

Background:  When a large telecom company needed help enhancing their Jenkins pipeline, they turned to one of India’s leading IT services companies for support.  Using Jenkins, the team was tasked with building out their clients’ open source and continuous integration services to include continuous deployment.

Goals:  Expand Jenkins CI pipeline to include CD.

“Since Jenkins is open source, the implementation was easy whereas, other tools tend to be quite difficult to use.”
Amandep Singh, Senior Engineer

Solution & Results:  We set out to create a tool for deployment by first creating diagrams for both static and dynamic pipelines as a basis of the core Jenkins installation. Plus, there was a need for a number of customizable plugins. Since Jenkins is open source, the implementation was easy and straightforward, whereas other tools tend to be quite challenging to use.

We were able to build, test, and deploy the Jenkins pipeline with ease. We also continue to provide managed services for this international company. With the use of Jenkins, we discovered:

  • a fast way to deploy: 4 minutes maximum for microservices 
  • development cycles exceed expectations 
  • improved product quality

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