Jenkins Is The Way

What Is It?

Jenkins Is The Way is a collection of experiences from all around the world showcasing how users are building, deploying, and automating great stuff with Jenkins. 

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We’ll capture details about your project’s goals, the technical challenges you overcame with Jenkins, and the unique solutions you came up with.

Latest Jenkins User Stories

Jenkins is the way to make your configuration as a code possible
Submitted By Jenkins User Amet Umerov

Jenkins is the way to give nitro to builds and deployments
Submitted By Jenkins User Githin Joseph

Jenkins is the way to space
Submitted By Jenkins User Maciej Nowak

Jenkins is the way to get stuff done
Submitted By Jenkins User Kalin Dimitrov

Jenkins is the way to automate NOC operations
Submitted By Jenkins User Alexander Leibzon

“Jenkins has helped our developers be much more innovative as they are no longer needed to also be infrastructure engineers.“

Latest Jenkins Case Studies

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