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“Jenkins Is The Way” is a global showcase of how developers and engineers are building, deploying, and automating great stuff with Jenkins. 

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Latest Jenkins User Stories

Jenkins is the way to modernize healthcare  Submitted By Jenkins User Vitor Lobao Carta

Jenkins is the way to make better recommendations Submitted By Jenkins User Tidhar Klein Orbach

Jenkins is the way to keep IBM always on    Submitted By Jenkins User Alec Rieger

Jenkins is the way to deliver products easily Submitted By Jenkins User Chaitanya Dwivedi

Jenkins is the way to write awesome code    Submitted By Jenkins User Johannes Mayer

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Jenkins User Success Stories 

Jenkins Is The Way is based on your stories. You shared how using Jenkins has helped make your builds faster, your pipelines more secure, and your developers and software engineers happier. In essence, Jenkins has made it a whole lot easier to do the work you do every day.

In this ebook, we have curated a cross-industry collection of Jenkins user stories. We shine a spotlight on how Jenkins users solve unique software development challenges across industries and around the globe. They also illustrate how Jenkins community members build next-generation DevOps and CI/CD platforms, which serve as the backbone for software innovation across companies of all sizes. 

We applaud the excellent work you do and thank you for being a part of our community.

Jenkins Case Studies

Reinventing travel with an inventive technology platform

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Fintech innovation with a Jenkins backbone

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Modernizing Graylog’s DevOps infrastructure to support a complex & dynamic platform

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Humanizing customer experience starts with tech innovation and a robust DevSecOps

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Powering Preply’s online education platform with a fully automated CI/CD process

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D4Science amps up their scientific research platform with CI/CD 

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