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“Jenkins Is The Way” is a global showcase of how developers and engineers are building, deploying, and automating great stuff with Jenkins. 

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Latest Jenkins User Stories

Jenkins is the way to drive your production
Submitted By Jenkins  User Mickael  Roger

Jenkins is the way to automate everything for a digital transformation journey
Submitted By Jenkins User Sachidananda Pattnaik

Jenkins is the way to reliable automation strategies
Submitted By Jenkins User Adrian Gramada

Jenkins is the way to deliver super awesome projects in super awesome timelines
Submitted By Jenkins User Daniel Abbruzzese


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Jenkins User Story eBooks

Jenkins User Stories in the Fortune 500

This ebook is focused on the behind-the-scenes development activities underway in large-scale enterprises. This combination of user stories are from developers in many of the back (and remote) offices of Fortune 500 companies, who are turning to Jenkins to make their lives easier with automation while also giving their engineers more time to innovate. 

Jenkins User Stories in Information Technology

In this ebook, we profile a select group of software engineers from around the globe in outfits large and small, who have created custom, scalable solutions powered by Jenkins. These  stories shine a spotlight on how Jenkins users solve unique software development and DevOps challenges in the global Information Technology sector. 

Jenkins User Stories Across Industries

In this ebook, we shine a spotlight on how Jenkins users solve unique software development challenges across industries and around the globe. They also illustrate how Jenkins community members build next-generation DevOps and CI/CD platforms, which serve as the backbone for software innovation across companies of all sizes. 

Jenkins Case Studies

Reinventing travel with an inventive technology platform

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Fintech innovation with a Jenkins backbone

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Modernizing Graylog’s DevOps infrastructure to support a complex & dynamic platform

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Humanizing customer experience starts with tech innovation and a robust DevSecOps

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Powering Preply’s online education platform with a fully automated CI/CD process

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D4Science amps up their scientific research platform with CI/CD 

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